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I love using music all throughout the day with my students. I find that playing music works well when transitioning. I have different song that are used to help the students get involved and focused on the tasks. I also like moving or dancing to the music a few times a day. I feel that it really helps gives students a few minutes to break and relax before getting back to the curriculum.

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I personally like to use the kinesthetic/tactile hook in my classroom. I like to incorporate movement and hands on learning as much as possible. For example, when learning two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures in the math classroom I like to include real world shapes. Bringing in these shapes/figures is much more meaningful learning than just looking at pictures of them. There are many different ways to incorporate food as well which is fun if allowed in the classroom by your district! I enjoyed learning about the different hooks to gain student engagement, some of them which I would have never thought of.

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I've used the kinesthetic hook, creating games where the students throw or roll a ball after answering correctly. I would like to try to use all of the hooks in the "Long Live the Arts" section. How great for students to use art, music, drama, and crafts to allow students to explore their creativity while learning English! I also like the idea of the mystery bag and the board message to generate curiosity about the day's learning.
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