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I am motivated to be the best teacher I can be because everyday I try to focus on helping to make each student a little better than they were last year.  I want their time spent at my school in my classroom to be time spent growing into a better person or citizen.  There are so many ways to do this whether it is in what I teach and the discussions that show I care or in how I treat them when I see them in the halls or around town.  They need to know that they matter.  Some students are actually surprised when I remember a personal tidbit about them.  They must think the teachers don't really focus on what they say or write.  It flatters them.  This is what sticks!

Jackie E. Dawsey

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I am motivated to be a positive influence in my student's lives by opening their minds to new ideas, and constructing knowledge that will be beneficial to them.  Education is the stepping stone to their future.

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What motivates me to be the best teacher is not just one thing. Among the many reasons is the desire to be a good example for these students. Our area demographics indicate a large number of low income families, and these students are easy to spot. So many of them only see the seedy side of life, and they need positive role models to show them what can be. Plus, I love teenagers, and they give me energy.


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Your inspiring responses motivated me today!

I love this forum! 

Everyday the students' faces motivate me.  They look so hopeful....we just have to inspire them to read and love learning.  As they see us smiling,  preparing,  talking to them...they know how much we care,  and they will care too.  Thank you for all you do!  Lana

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I want to make a difference in student's lives. I love learning and want to share that love with them and encourage them to become lovers of learning themselves.


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I am motivated as a teacher when I see the smiles that come over the students faces when they finally grasp a difficult topic or concept.  It serves to remind me that all students can learn but it my job to find the right key to unlock their little minds.


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I have been a teacher for a very long time (professionally for about 30 years), but I believe I have always had the desire to teach others. I enjoy seeing the light in the eyes of those who discover a new fact or a new idea. I enjoy learning all kinds of things and I like to share that knowledge. In 2005, I officially retired from the classroom, but I returned in 2008. I sometimes wonder why I do it because of the state of our education system (lack of structure and discipline), but every morning I get up to try again.

My teaching is not limited to the school classroom because I teach at church, work with Juvenile Detention and students from Teen court, and coordinate a Bible Correspondence program.

I am a teacher from the heart and I enjoy it.

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What motivates me is my former teachers.... not a single one stands out in a positive way.  They weren't all bad, just nothing outstanding.  I did though have a high school history teacher that made the impact on me.  He belittled me in front of my peers and publicly called my father a liar.   This teacher was the sole reason I became a teacher.  If I could keep a person like this from infiltrating the education system, then I would be happy. 

Now that I am teaching, my motivators have changed.  Elementary students don't often get the chance to see a male teacher (other than PE).  By working with elementary age students, I get the opportunity to be a positive male role model for many students.  (Most importantly, young boys who might not have a father figure to look up to). 

I am also motivated to show my students that learning is a lifelong process.  I continue to read about new ideas and discover new things, and am excited to share this with my students.  To see the excitement on their faces when they realize that everyone, young and old, loves and appreciates knowledge is amazing. 

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Those bright, shining faces that greet me each day.  they are so full of hope and curiosity!

Suzan A. Booker

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After seeing how poorly prepared many students are for the 'real world,' I hope to help them develop real skills and individual perspectives outside of standardized tests and narrow curriculum. They will, after all, be running the country some day.

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I liked what Shades of Lilly wrote.  If we think that one of the students in our classroom may be President one day;  I think we teach to a higher level.  I know that if we teach skills and books and music and art,  the students can still pass a test,  but can appreciate the great country we live in,  and can learn about others who share our planet.   Keep up the good work, Teachers!


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I am motivated to teach because I feel that I myself am still a student.  I learn everyday what the generation that is going to "take" care of me in my old age needs.  I love being the missing link for some of them.  Some students need someone to listen to, talk to, and sometimes to teach what they have learned or figured out on their own.  Teaching keeps me young. 


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The students and the subject I teach are my daily motivation. I love to create learning activities on topics that are significant to my students' lives; and that take them beyond their small community, and limited personal experiences. I also like to give them some sense of ownership and voice in the learning process. Starting the first day of class, I express my high expectations for each one of them; and my conviction that they will be successful. I also challenge them to pass the previous year typing speed and accuracy; and most of them accept the challenge.  Our students are the best in the whole county.


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I am motivated by knowing that I throw all my passion of learning to my students.  I want them to discover that there is a lot more than they think to Social Studies...its not just about facts.  Out of all the teachers I have had in my life I can say that there are less than 10 that have shaped me and made teaching memorable.  I guess thats what I want to create for them. 

Sometimes I will spend more time on a lesson because I want them to grasp the concept and really dive deep into what every topic or event in history we are working in.  I teach Texas history but I make sure that I cover a lot of what is going in in U.S. History so that they can see a connection.  I want my students to really be prepared not just for next year, but how is the information relavent to their lives...and make them life long learners of the real world.  I challenge them all, push them to realize that they can go beyond their limits. 

And even when it seems that things may be going bad....I seem to find the silver lining...and I remember that teaching is an art.  Its rewarding to see how my students have transformed themselves and how we as their teacher do play a part in their lives. 

Ask me how long I have been teaching....don't laugh.  I have been working as a Sunday School teacher with my local church for four and a half years, substituted for seven and a half, and this is my first year as a teacher. 

Before all this I had my own daycare within the military while my husband served.  I found out that I really liked working with kids.  I am happy to guide kids in the right path... be a beacon of light because sometimes all it takes is a smile, a card, a talk.  Being there for their acheivements.  No we don't have kids yet but we will get there. 

Ms. D. Palomo

" Share your heritage with a passion."

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I care about my students and their welfare.  I am in a position to make a difference, and I want to do just that!  I want to inspire all of my students to be ambitious and to become life-long learners.

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