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I agree with DuFour’s statement that “teachers and principals must play a critical role in changing that system.” After all, educators have the most time and emotion invested in the American public school system.  We are also the most knowledgeable about the controversial issues surrounding it.  It’s part of our responsibility to adapt and/or change to meet the needs of our current students and not rely on others to do it. DuFour writes that schools that successfully implemented PLCs “stopped focusing on what they could not control and instead took responsibility for what they could.”  Boy did that hit the mark! So many times educators, including myself, view themselves as victims to legislation, or we “wait for others to improve [our] schools and districts.” DuFour really helped me realize that true change can begin at the local level. “Will we work hard and succeed, or work hard and fail?” I want to be an educator that works hard and bears good fruit. I also want to work for a principal that addresses obvious problems and holds people accountable.  

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