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How to use this forum:

Registering a username
To post in the forum, you need to register a username. Click “Register” near the top right-hand corner of the home page. Please fill out all text fields with accurate information. This information will not be made public and will only be viewable by the forum moderators.

It’s best to choose a username that is not based on your real name. Your username cannot be changed once it has been created, so choose something you will easily remember.

Completing your profile
A profile is attached to your registered username. To edit your profile, click on “Control Panel” near the top right-hand corner of any forum page. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. All fields are visible to forum moderators; other forum users cannot view fields marked private.

An avatar is a small picture that is displayed next to your posts under your user name. To use an avatar, copy and paste the image’s URL of the image into the text field.

Text entered into the “Signature” field will be included at the bottom of your posts.

Reading threads and sub-forums
A thread is a discussion topic within a sub-forum (one of the links you see on the forum’s main page—i.e., ATPE News and Events, Forum Rules). To read an ongoing discussion, click on a sub-forum and then the thread of your choice.

Replying to existing threads
To respond to an existing thread, click on “Reply” at the top or bottom of the page. For your reference, previous posts in the thread are shown below the comment text box.

Quoting previous posts
To directly quote a previous post in your own post, don’t click on “Reply.” Instead, click on the quotation mark icon in the right-hand corner of the original post. You’ll be taken to a reply page, and the text you wanted to quote will be automatically inserted into your new post. Type your comments underneath the quote, and then post your message.

Starting a thread (or discussion)
To start a new thread, click on “New Topic.” Fill in subject of your thread and the body of your message, which becomes your thread’s first post.

Customizing your post
Use the toolbar above the text entry box to:

  • Change the font, color, size or alignment of your text.
  • Create bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Insert graphic elements such as horizontal rules, pictures, tables and smilies.

Placing links in your post
To link to another Web site in your post, either:

  • Copy and paste the Web site’s URL directly into the text box; or
  • Highlight the portion of text you would like to be a link, and then click on the chain link icon above the text box. Copy and paste the URL into the pop-up box, and click OK.

Either way, don’t forget the “http://” at the beginning of the link.

Placing pictures in your post
Due to bandwidth restrictions, uploading files to a post from your computer is prohibited. To display your own images, host the pictures on personal server space or a hosting service such as To include a picture, click on the picture frame icon in the posting toolbar. Copy and paste the image URL into the pop-up box, and click OK.

Editing your post
To edit a post, click “Edit” in the bottom right-hand corner of your message to return to the “Reply” page, where you can make changes. Note: You only have the ability to edit messages that were originally posted from your username.

Deleting your post
To delete a post, click “Delete” in the bottom right-hand corner of the post. A pop-up box will appear to confirm the deletion. Note: You can only delete posts originally posted from your username.

Sending private messages
You can send private messages to both moderators and regular forum users. To send a private message, click on “Control Panel.” On the next page, click “Private Messages” on the bar above your profile. Then click “New Private Message.”

You can also send private messages through the “Member List” on the home page.

Subscribing to threads
Click on “Thread Tools” near the top left-hand corner of the page. A menu will drop down. Click on “Subscribe to this Thread” on the drop-down menu to be notified by e-mail when new messages are posted.

View your current subscriptions by clicking on “Subscriptions” near the top right-hand corner of your Control Panel.

View new threads and posts on one page by checking out the forum’s RSS feed.

If you have questions about forum use, please reply to this thread or send a private message to a forum moderator.


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When does the next book begin?

Vivian W.

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Originally Posted by vwarren
When does the next book begin?
The next book will begin on September 19, 2011. A syllabus will be shared for the book, Brain-Based Learning by Eric Jensen mid August.

Kris Woodcock
ATPE Professional Learning Manager
Follow me on Twitter! @ATPELearning

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