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I would like to incorporate both the interior design and the costume hook. I think I would find them both more of a challenge for me personally because they take more planning and creative thinking outside of the box. I think that both of these hooks would really engage the students and get them excited to learn. My students always love to explore new ways of learning so I really think that putting some time and money into both of these hooks would be beneficial for my class.

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Ha this is a challenge! I think coming up with a board message hook would be challenging. I feel like each student would react differently to the message and it could cause a change in routine. (I know, it could be a good thing and I’ll never know, if I don’t try it). It would be worth trying, I could do this by thinking of something that will intrigue my students and get them thinking. I would have to know my students before I thought about how I could tie it into my lesson and it would take planning and thinking on my part for how to incorporate this particular hook. Definitely wouldn’t put “The #1 top secret way to become a better lover” on the board for elementary students.

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One hook I think would be challenging to implement is the Costume Hook. It would be difficult because of how much work would go into planning, finding out which character to do, gathering the costume and accessories needed. However, once you had it all together and it turned out great, the next year would be a little easier.
I also feel that the Interior Design Hook would be a challenge because of all the advance work, and the likelihood that I would do all of that preparation only to be bumped from my room for the day for ISS or benchmark testing.
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