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The Craft Store Hook: I use a Makerspace!
In Math (and any subject), the use of "crafts" or a Makerspace is engaging and the students remember. The trick to getting the students to think (and recall) is to not give them EVERYTHING.  If you give them every step and every material then they are not really thinking.  They need to process and think about what materials would work for their project. Provide a rubric so that they have parameters and understand the objective of the project then let then go.

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I'd like to combine the Costume Hook & Storytelling Hook. I feel like getting into character with book characters in Reading or characters we learn about in Social Studies, etc. (Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, etc.) would be so much fun for the kids! And, elementary school children love good storytelling! I feel like it would get them so excited about learning the content! Maybe they could make some kind of prop to go home and reenact it all for their parents/siblings even to further lodge the content into their memories.  

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     Using Legos are more challenging hook for student engagement, that I would like to use in teaching about the Industrial Revolution.  Placing students beside one another, with each desk being considered as a station on an assembly line.  While one student who's desk is facing theirs, assembles a finished product using at least 15 pieces.  The first student begins to build a product.  Then the part is passed to the next station where each of the students on the line has one or two pieces to add.  The object is passed along until completed.  This would be done using a time clock to illustrate the pace of the newly revolutionized manufacturing process.
     This becomes more challenging as it is explained that Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin cleaned cotton at a rate of 50 to 1.  Tables and bar graphs can be used to show comparisons.

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The dance and drama hook, at first read, seemed a bit challenging for me, as I am not a very strong performer of the arts.  However, as I've learned from teaching, I need to look at my *students'* strengths when choosing activities, not necessarily my own strengths.  I like the suggestions that the book provides, such as learning a dance (which would be great for students who love to perform), but also something like a panel discussion.  This activity allows students who may not consider themselves great actors or performers to take on a performance task.  A student-written play, for example, could have both speaking and non-speaking parts.  Students could perform as historical characters, such as Egyptian pharoah or Egyptian laborer and talk about building the pyramids.  Giving the students an outline and some task points can keep them on the right track.

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I've selected the Techno Whiz Hook after being sold by Burgess's quote on page 132,
". . .the pendulum might be swinging too far towards a love affair with technology just for the sake of technology. Using it in new and creative ways is a natural, positive progression that should be encouraged".
Over the last decade, school districts have pushed for more and more technology in the classroom beyond word input (typing) of documents. I, on the other hand, have maintained the value of writing by hand and researching through books. Now, however, our school libraries don't carry the books we need for research, and students don't have city library cards nor the ability or support to even get to the library. Districts require evidence of technology to the point of including it on evaluations. 
Because students complete many projects in my room, giving them the option to turn in assignments digitally and/or create a paperless lesson is doable. Because I'm a firm believer in their making decisions regarding their work and not always dictating criteria, I'm prone to letting them decide how to accomplish this or even if they want to do so. Options help the students take ownership, so this hook gives them the opportunity to decide how to submit their work.


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I am interested in incorporating several of the strategies.  The one I think would be challenging, but very rewarding is the Costume Hook.  It would take lots of creativity and planning ahead, but I believe that it would be very memorable for children.  It would make the lesson and activity more fun and thus engaging.  I am homeschooling my daughter.  When studying different times in history, I think we will choose historical figures and research them.  As part of our study, we can dress as the person and present their story in the first person.  I can also choose certain props to show her that are representative of the person and his/her contribution to history.   

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I  think this year, I am going to try to incorporate the Mystery Bag hook into my I believe that by doing this I can increase my students' ability to make inferences and to build common vocabulary for my beginning and intermediate speakers. The hook that I would love to try but think it would be difficult to do is the costume hook.  This hook would be challenging because I will have various grade levels and possible various topics for each period.  I might try to incorporate this hook by giving students a description of characters in a story that we are going to read and allowing them to dress up as that character.  Then ask why they chose that character, did that character remind them of themselves, of another character they like, or just what made that character more interesting than the others on the list?


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The Story Telling Hook/The Costume Hook
Since my students are in a online classroom, I would like to hook them visually and auditory. It would work well by choosing a book and dressing up as the main character in the story. If I were in a traditional classroom, I could incorporate an art assignment and allow the students to choose their favorite character in a story, create the character using art supplies and read the story to the class. Each student would have a set presentation time, it would be an on going lesson throughout the year.

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The Mystery Bag Hook is one I could use to encourage students to write (type) about what they think is in the bag/box. 4th grade students would be able to elaborate on their ideas as they prepare for the writing test. Kindergarten/1st grade students could practice using their sight words and spelling words for the week. All levels could use a paint program to draw what they believe is in there. This is a hook that I could use multiple times during the year by placing something different inside and/or using different types of packaging.
Julleen Bottoms

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It was really hard to choose just one hook to implement, I want to implement them all! Two hooks that I think are so important to use daily, and are often over looked, are the Mozart Hook and the Dance & Drama Hooks.  Music is something I’ve always wanted to incorporate more into my lessons, but I’ve never made it a priority. I’ve decided to make it one! I think it will help get students excited about science and help my lessons not lose momentum. When we are studying our Sound Unit, I’m planning on having the band students bring in their instruments to describe how they work. It’s also very important for kids to stretch and move several times when they are learning new information. I can do a much better job incorporating kinesthetics into my lessons and I think the Dance and Drama Hook section will really help me plan this! I also really want to work on eliminating and smoothing out any transitions in each lesson so momentum isn’t lost.  Burgess had great information on this idea. Last, the Taboo Hook would be so much fun for the middle school age that I teach. I know it would catch their interest and help hold it as they learn new scientific concepts.


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I don’t currently have a classroom, but I do teach a training workshop at a yearly conference that I’m always looking to improve.  The whole workshop is real life application, and I have tons of props.  But, I’m not allowed to be in costume (yay uniforms) or to have my class in a different location (very full, borrowed building).    It’s also not conducive to making crafts or skits or dancing.  Since the same people are stuck with me all day, I thought I could come up with some teaser posters/slides to use at the end of each session.   Something that’s giving a hint of what’s next but is also a light-hearted note to end and begin on.   There’s so much information I have to push at them, it can be like drinking from a firehose, so levity is always useful.   It’s taken me several days (I might be slightly obsessive about projects).  So far, I’ve made 3 out of 4 teaser posters in a theme of old, cheesy, b-movie level, science fiction movies.  They’re funny, have some sort of tie in to each session, and have some hidden things in them (so there’s something interesting to look at for those who stay in the room between sessions).  I’m not sure how well it will go over, since I tend to have a large group of more serious adults.   But if nothing else, it’ll cheer me up somewhat and help me have a little more energy at the start of each session.  


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I am going to use the People as Props Hook when we discuss the writing process. I can divide students into groups of 5 or 6 and designate each student as one step in the writing process - prewrite, draft, revise, edit, and publish (can double up on revise and edit). We can work together to learn the sequential order of the steps and then have them identify what takes place in each step. I really think this may help them see that drafting, revising, and editing are looping steps and that revising and editing may take place several times before a finished product is achieved. Also students could see that prewriting is always the first step and publishing is always last. I can foresee referring back to this activity each time we go through the writing process.

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I would like to use the interior design hook. I must find a way to transform my classroom into a more comfortable place for reading and writing. The biggest hinderance would be cost, but the idea has been in my mind for years. 

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Lots of hooks here! Prop, interior, costume, and storytelling hooks can be used with bringing history into my PE class. Since I love history I got excited about using it in my PE class as I read about his kinesthetic hook while reenacting history. Though it will take some creative planning I'd like to make some history reenactment games for PE happen. So the first step is to know what various grade levels are learning in regards to history and design a couple of games in a K-2 & 3-5 type fashion. Finding a history concept that is carried over from year to year, but simplifying it or building on it to make it work for each grade level will be a good start for me so I'm not overwhelmed. I will look up grade level Social Studies TEKS to see which lessons I can manipulate best into reenactment games. Before starting each game with students, I will have an overview of the historical moment we are focusing on & ask the question why do u think it's important. What could be different if this moment did not happen? How do you think this moment changed our world/society for the better? Then we play! I might ask these questions at the end instead or as well. Lastly, which is scary...I will have the kids review the game. I will have them tell me what they thought. Likes, dislikes, and how to make it better.

Chef Hook-I also was a cook in the military and I am self proclaimed foodie so the prospect of incorporating food is an absolute thrill to me. My thought is to do a Sock Hop where kids get to dress up and have a hoola hoop contest. Root beer floats could be served😃My only hurdle is schedule logistics; when can they be served since we are not allowed to serve food before lunch. I will ask my boss for advice with that part.

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WOW! Choosing this hook was very challenging.  I am that person that uses technology, but I only consider my level of comfort as a beginner.  I do not have a facebook, twitter, blog, or any of the others I can’t even name.  I do have an email account, YEAH!!!!  This year I plan to implement Class DOJO to not only motivate my students, but also to increase parent involvement.  Others who have used it have said that the teacher can upload pictures to share what we’re doing in the classroom with parents.  I hope that this too will help my parents feel more involved and informed about what’s going on in the classroom.
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