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Mission Statement:  We exist to educate our the population.  We envision a microcosm of collaboration.  We will conduct ourselves agreeably in a prepared, honorable, and orderly manner.  We anticipate excellence in meeting and exceeding the standards.

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Our school's mission is to have teachers, administration, and staff work together as a cooperative team in a positive safe environment for students that strive to build and produce 21st century life long learners who will use critical thinking skills to solve problems and become productive citizens in the community.  

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 Our mission statement is to be committed to providing our students an opportunity to reach their full educational potential in an engaging and nurturing environment.


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My school's mission is to create learners that become leaders.  We will emphasize critical thinking in our classroom and work collaboratively with our team members.
Chellie Nelson

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My mission statement would be 

"Everyday work your best to influence lives, create a safe environment for every child  and make every child matter"  

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I teach at a community college currently, so this would be my mission statement for that learning environment.

It is our mission to provide the courses necessary to help all students further their learning to meet the diverse long-term goals of our population. Instructors will provide a safe environment where students truly learn the material in order to either be prepared for the next course or be prepared for their work environment in the field of their choice.

My personal mission statement as a developmental mathematics teacher in this environment is to reduce math anxiety while helping students to see their potential as mathematics learners. I will provide students with a solid foundation to prepare them for college level mathematics courses. I will teach students that mathematics is not just about being able to solve specific problems but a way of thinking that can be used and is beneficial in all areas of life.


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As a secondary teacher, the mission statement I created is:


Our school will ensure that all students learn the state curriculum and school procedures in a safe, respectful, encouraging environment, while collaborating with peers and school staff.


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I'm not currently teaching, so I'll give the mission statement for my kid's school: We ignite and nurture an enduring spirit of scholarship, curiosity, creativity, and confidence. We value learning experientially, exhibiting kindness, and honoring diversity.

My daughter just finished second grade, and my son kindergarten.  So far, the school has done a wonderful job with its stated goals.  However, I wish it were a tad bit more structured, as in having more specific benchmarks for certain skills.  My children are engaged and excited about school and learning and are eager to go to school each day, so that's definitely a plus.  I've had to do some work at home, though, on math skills and spelling skills for things that weren't addressed in the classroom.

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"It is our mission to ensure that our students have the critical skills needed to become successful lifelong learners." 

Every student is different.  Each student brings his own set of challenges.  We strive to ensure that each child reaches his highest potential, but there are so many factors that sometimes this does not happen.  Ultimately, we should strive to instill skills that will help our students become successful adults, or lifelong learners.  I sometimes feel that we need to get back to making sure our students succeed at the simple things instead of making them try to conquer difficult tasks without setting a solid foundation.  We must build upon the "simple" before they can succeed at the more rigid. 

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My mission statement for me would be: As a teacher I will strive to help each child succeed and learn to help prepare them for the future.  I will do all I can to provide the tools each child needs for them to be the best they can be.  

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My mission is to foster learning through engaging, hands-on activities, and to provide playful, purposeful, and fun lessons that will allow my early childhood students to make connections with the world around them as they become collaborative, life-long learners. 

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Since I’m not currently teaching, this is for my imaginary school -

Our mission as an elementary school is to teach all children within our community in a safe and orderly environment marked by compassion, encouragement, and openness.  We will inspire wide-ranging curiosity which leads to life-long learning, ground lessons with real world applications, and nurture students’ abilities to be productive collaborators.   All students will be supported, regardless of their background or level, and we will cultivate an atmosphere where failure is seen as just another useful part of the learning process, not as something to be feared or avoided, creating fearless learners and explorers.  


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We are here to educate our future.  We will present the students with a variety of learning styles and help them to find their best way to learn and problem solve.  We will accomplish this by using the whole child concept.  We will use innovative strategies to engage students to find their strengths and nurture those strengths to achieve their goals and academic growth.  We will assist students to think critically and to make choices that are the best for them.  Each grading period we will challenge the students with real life problem solving situations at their grade level.

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My district and campus have gone through so many changes this Spring that this Fall will be like starting all over.  Good bye IB Program.  Don't get me wrong its a good framework, but it was too costly, we are teaching it to the masses and only ten percent participate in the program at the high school level, and its program requirements clashed at times with the TEKS or our states specifications.  

Therefore, this chapter gave me some practice as we will be re doing our Mission and Vision statements on our campus. ( Here it goes.)

My Mission Statement:  The mission of TMS teachers, staff, and administrators is to inspire life long learning utilizing 21st. Century skills that will advance knowledge to strengthen our communities in a global and environmental conscience society towards a greater good for our nation's future.

My interpretation:  Today our world is at our fingertips and that is no longer an expression with the advancement of technology and how people communicate online we are no closer than ever.  Our students are moving and living in a tech. world where we have to teach with the most current technology, yet include those basic survival skills of the 20th Century in order to live in the 21st. century.  So what are these 21st. Century Skills?  Students are to think critically and use problem solving skills, know how to research use the information needed in a an effective way, they need to learn to communicate effectively orally and written in english which is our primary language and be bilingual as well.  As proud Americans we can no longer expect for the rest of the world to speak just English.  We need to be open minded that just like in Europe due to its proximity people know 2 languages minimum effectively while others know 3 or more.  Our students are being pushed into the world of Math and Science...yet it's important for them to learn to read so that they can interpret our laws and legal documents.  It's important for them to study and learn about America's past so that it can help them understand their present as they make decisions as citizens that will affect their nation's future.    

This is our job as educators to inspire and instill all of this in their fast paced changing world.

Ms. D. Palomo

" Share your heritage with a passion."

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Based on chapter 6, pages 101-103 (section "Mission: Why Do We Exist?"), I would write the following mission statement for my school:

We (the staff, the students, the parents, the community) of Shotwell Academy are committed to fostering the highest level of learning for every single person involved with our campus.  We exemplify, encourage, and recognize the 21st century attributes of becoming and remaining life-long learners.  We acknowledge that every person is capable of social, emotional, financial, and academic growth.  We believe in the power of knowledge.
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