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I love the video idea! I am also going to use famous quotes and a special free write time.
Ona Beth Day 

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In 9th grade English I plan to open with a famous quote and have the students respond to the quote, by explaining in their own words what it means and what the author intended to say to his/her audience.  I have used this in the past and it focuses the class on higher level thinking and relevance to their own lives as well as the days lesson.  I believe it really set the tone for the day.  Of course, some quotes connect to the days lesson better than others, but the classes seem to like the routine.

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I like the term “opening assignment” and I think I would like to use it instead of morning work to provide my students with directions and guidance as the day begins.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how reading and writing are so connected and how important it is for our students to have more time to practice these skills.  Therefore, I plan to alternate the opening assignment between silent reading and free writing.  Students will be given an opportunity to shop for a book from our class library to read to self or with a partner; or pick a topic of their choice to write about.  Students will be encouraged to use the Word Wall to write high words they don’t know how to spell.  Only after searching for a word themselves can they ask a friend if they cannot find the word.  

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Melissa, I love your post on discussion question 1.  I just wish mine would do it.  I have tried journals, but they refuse to bring them &/or refuse to do them. Remember, I am HS special ed.  I've posted daily prompts, too, social studies & non-social studies related.  We also have a write across the curriculum program, & we are expected to do it twice a six weeks.  What a chore!  I know this sounds negative, but it is my reality!  Help!
Sue Sutphin
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