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Content/Professional Passion: I am fairly new to the teaching profession and am actively teaching in a preschool. I enjoy embracing the challenge of finding new and exciting ways to present and make the content relevant and engaging to the children. Embracing everyone's different approach and contributions to the classroom, understanding new and different methods for solving problems, viewing the material in entirely different ways than I was accustomed. It is exhausting and a bit overwhelming at first but it is also something I like to take on and use to improve and broaden myself as a teacher. 

Personal: I enjoy playing tennis and trying to find ways I can improve my own game towards winning a game or match against the opponent. It requires a lot of skills which I would argue are parallel to the ones modern teachers must possess. One example would be self reflection and the ability to think in the moment about how to improve in order to win the match or better teach the material. 


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I believe my content passion is math, I have always had a love for math and love teaching it. I like incorporating different manipulatives for different learning objectives. Math allows students to find "light bulb" moments when it comes to different ways to solve problems and that is what fires my passion for math.

My professional passion began with a love for children through babysitting families in my local neighborhood. My senior year of highschool I was part of the Ready, Set, Teach program where I had the priviledge of working under a mentor teacher at the local elementary. This confirmed my career path in education. Through college I stayed passionate about learning and enjoyed the experiences with elementary students required for my courses and degree. (There was a time when I didn't want to go to class to see my professors I'd rather be in the local school, HA!)After recieving my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and certifications in EC-6 generalist and ESL supplemental I substitute taught in local schools---not long after I then decided to get my middle school generalist certificate. Now I'm currently searching for a school home where I can officially begin my teaching experience! I have served as long-term substitute and this past year an aide. Im ready to show my school home and school family my passion!

My personal passion begins with the love for my family. Im passionate about spending time with family and friends. Im passionate about my rescue dog, Buddy! I also have a passion for baseball and football. 

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Passions -- personally, I love learning and spend my free time reading, researching, and watching videos on my latest interest.

In my classroom, we often follow Alice down the rabbit hole based around students' queries. I'm not afraid to tell my students' I do not know the answer to their question, but let's find the answer together. This past year I had students who followed their passions and created presentations to share these passions with their classmates.


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In elementary, I love to teach kids to study words and then use them to enhance their writing.

My professional passion is helping kids realize error is okay. With guidance and supervision, students determine their needed direction whether it's cooperation with peers or academic. When they own it it becomes a way of life. It's very fulfilling to see students tell the truth, do the right thing, care about each other and of course their work.

Personally, I'm passionate about my family, gardening, fitness and DIY projects.

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My content passion is reading and writing.   I strive to encourage students to read and express their feeling about the book.   I love when students also use illustrations in their writings.

My professional passion is getting students excited about reading.  I like to learn what each of my students is interested in or has a passion about so I can help incorporate their interest and the book they read.


My personal passions are my family, friends and traveling.  I love to explore a variety of cultures and countries all around the world. 


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Burgess discusses three types of passions: content passion, professional passion, and personal passion (pgs. 5-10). Reply to this discussion question with your three passions below.

My content passion is reading. I love to read and explore the world through other's eyes. I want to share that passion with my students. Reading can transport you to another world. This is also my professional passion. I also have a passion for history and cultures of the past. I like to see how people lived in years past and connecting the present to the past. My personal passions are yoga, art/crafts, painting, music and reading.

Laura Niehues

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As a high school math teacher, my content passion is math.  I especially enjoy advanced math like Calculus and Pre-Cal.  I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from getting a right answer after working problems that take time and effort.  I also like when my class can collect real world data and after time and effort, we find that the experimental outcome closely (or exactly) matches the theoretical outcome.

My professional passion is getting to see students grow and mature into their real selves. I love to see students who thought they couldn't do math, find that they are actually quite good at it.  Seeing the growth in their math skills and their "sense of self" is amazing.

My personal passion is singing in choir and playing in bell choir. I find it a challenge, but at the same time it helps build my self-esteem.
I enjoy learning new technology and software.  Along with that, I like playing computer games where I am challenged with puzzles and strategy.  
I enjoy studying the bible and trying to really understand the "what and why" of my beliefs. I'm also passionate about finding a way to help the LGBT community, especially those who are hurting because of others religious beliefs.

Though these passions may seem quite diverse, I think my real personal passions is about learning, improving and challenging myself to be better and do more.

Kimberly Garcia [smile]

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My three areas of passion are as follows: (1) My content passion is health education. I believe teaching children health education is the gateway to inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest all in all areas. Just think, how many things you can or can not do without good health. #Goodhealthmatters (2) My professional passion is seeing kids having fun and getting excited about being in shape. (3) My personal passion is balanced living. I am into mindfulness and researching how to eat well while not compromising flavor😃

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My content passion is literature and getting into the deeper meaning within the story. 

My professional passion is leading my students to own their own learning. I want them to inquire into the material, to be the leaders in the discussions and to feel comfortable presenting their ideas and conclusions while I assume the role of mediator.

My personal passion is service to others. I want to do what I can to help others through community service. 

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My content passion is Reading.  I truly enjoy teaching children to read.  It’s so rewarding to see the growth they make from the beginning of the school year ‘til the end.  My professional passion is being a life-long learner.  It makes me proud to learn something new that I can take back to my classroom to make my students more successful.  Each time I finish a professional development or college course I have a different perspective than when I started.  It's the same response as new ideas peak my interest.  My personal passion is working in my church.  There I get to use what I’ve learn in my career with my fellow saints.  My husband and I are over the Education Ministry and I also teach bible classes.  Having all of my passions so closely aligned makes it almost effortless to transition from one to the other. 
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