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My content passions are human rights and gender inequality. I am lucky that these issues are part of my TEKS and that I have the flexibility to bring in current events to really engage my students. I find that they are very interested in these issues, and it gives me an opportunity to see their capacity for empathy and looking outside of themselves.

My professional passion is to be a positive role model for my students and an influence for good in their lives. Since I teach in a Title I school, I have the opportunity to engage with students that may not have an adult presence in their lives on a regular basis. I have found that some of my most challenging students will become some of my best when they know that I care about them on a personal level.

My personal passions are numerous! I am heavily involved in my church, and that takes up a lot of my time. I play piano and enjoy attending Dallas Symphony Orchestra concerts with my husband. I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

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Burgess discusses three types of passions: content passion, professional passion, and personal passion (pgs. 5-10). Reply to this discussion question with your three passions below. 

My content passion is mathematics.  I am blessed to be in a position where I teach 8th grade math, Algebra 1, Geometry, MMA, Algebra 2, and Financial Math.  I am never bored - always on my toes.  I love it when my students have those "Aha" moments or even if they only hate math a little less.  [wink]

My professional passion is teaching - really teaching anything.  Swim, Piano, courses for the American Red Cross, and math.  I also love teaching and mentoring other teachers.  I hope someday to pursue an administrative position that I can help influence other teachers...  maybe even a position in our state legislature.

My personal passion is my two children.  I always strive to be the best mom I can be so that my two kids can help make a difference in our world.

Jennifer Goedken

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My content passion is writing. I want to encourage students to share their lives and experiences in authentic writing. I want them to know that their stories matter.

My professional passion is getting students excited about learning, instilling curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that will make them want to be life-long learners. I want them to discover what they are passionate about and let them know that their expertise or knowledge is important to the world; it is worth discovering and sharing.

My personal passions are many. I am passionate about my family, my faith, serving and helping others, music, and creativity.

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Since I have nicknamed myself the "Proportion Queen" to my 7th grade Math and Pre-Algebra students, I will have to say solving problems with proportions is my Content Passion. This is one way for them to realize proportions should be one of their first ideas when trying to plan a strategy to solve many of the word problems they encounter.

My Professional Passion is the grade level I teach. Most people say Middle School students are messy & difficult. But, this is exactly why I love teaching them. They're awkward and make choices that are not always sensible; but, they are learning from every mistake and it's fun to watch.

Sewing and reading are personal passions of mine. I'd love to have more time to help others also.


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My content passion is writing...encouraging young people to express themselves silently, helping them develop their unique "voice."
My professional passion is helping my students recognize and develop their full potential. I am also passionate about planning lessons, finding ways to interweave different learning styles in the presentation of one academic concept.
I am passionate about many areas of my personal life - my family, my faith, improving things in my sphere of influence.

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My current content passion deals with applying technology across the curriculum. Many of my students see computers (desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone) as a way to play games. I teach them how to use office programs to store/present information after we have done our research. We discuss how "I found it on the internet" doesn't necessarily mean it's true. So we search for reliable sources and cite them in our projects.

My professional passion is helping my colleagues be successful. This includes teaching them, especially new to the district teachers, how to utilize the available classroom technology, keeping the line of communication open, assisting students before & after school with online tutoring programs, and continuing to learn from others.

My personal passion is finding ways to relax. Sometimes this is done through reading a book, spending time with my daughter or best friend, watching a horror movie, crocheting, walking, or even exercising.

Julleen Bottoms

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I would say my content passion is when I cover Teen Pregnancy.  I dropped out of high school when I ended up pregnant right before my 18th birthday and during my senior year.  I do talk to the kids about all the negative things associated with teen pregnancy, but I also share with them how it would still be possible to go to college and raise wonderful, successful children. I do let them know that the most difficult thing was that I couldn't make their father stay or take interest in my kids and I couldn't take that heartache away.  I also share how both ended up doing very well.  I tell them I want to share not just the positive, but the negative things that could happen and all the statistics that go with teen pregnancy because if you know ahead of time what battles you may face, you can be better prepared to deal with them.
My professional passion is something I think I somehow fell into.  I get my students involved with our special friends.  I never grew up around anyone with special needs, but when I started teaching, I taught food production.  I decided we were going to go all out for Halloween and have a haunted house, games, and lots of fun Halloween foods for the kids.  We had so much fun and we have continued to have so many different activities that include our special friends.  I love watching the first time I take my kids into their classroom to work with the kids.  Most have never been near the anyone with special needs before, yet watching them figure out that they kids just like themselves....priceless.  It is such a joy knowing kids that love with all their heart.
My personal passion.....lots.  Definitely my children and husband are number one.  Aside from that I love to travel, I love to run (even though I have not really run so much because I have decided I love my evening walks with my husband even more), I love to sew.  I love coffee outside every morning I do not work, and I love my wine (can I say that[biggrin]????) outside at night (not every night).  I love to read.  I love to play racquetball alone as a stress reliever. I love to do mud runs with my middle daughter.  I love to listen to my youngest daughter sing and get all giddy talking about boys.  I love to go shopping with my oldest.  I just love hanging out with one or all of my girls and husband. 


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Content Passion: Reading. I love helping children discover a love of reading and rich, meaningful literature. It opens so many doors and allows students to expand their horizons. To me, it is the most basic and fundamental part of education.

Professional Passion: I love working with under privileged students.

Personal Passion: I have a passion for cooking fresh, healthy meals for my family. I love reading cookbooks. I also love creating a beautiful table with pretty, vintage dishes.

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My content passion is reading.

My professional passion is to instill in my students the love of reading and that reading will help them succeed in all present and future subjects.

My personal passion is watching movies and spending time with loved ones.


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Content passion – As a middle and high school science teacher, my passion is teaching the life sciences/biology. The units that really get me excited are genetics and environmental issues.  I’ve recently learned a lot about nutrition, the human body and gene expression, so incorporating those into lessons when I get back in the classroom really excite me! Burgess had great suggestions for the areas that I don’t get excited about, like physics, especially simple machines.


Professional passion – This one is easy and it’s what I love the most about being a teacher; lesson planning! It’s so fun researching new strategies to incorporate, like project-based learning, incorporating history, math, reading, technology, experiments, and current events (esp new scientific discoveries) into the required curriculum.  I’m extremely passionate about ALL kids learning and mastering the objectives.  I’m a life-long learner and that’s what I want to pass on to my students by the end of the year.  The ability to research and discover truth is a skill all people need.


Personal passion – My personal passions are my faith, my family, eating REAL food, environmental issues, reading, and self-improvement. All of these are what drive me as a teacher, mom, wife, friend and citizen. Incorporating them into my job as a teacher is a given.  It’s important to model your passions to your students, so they can learn to incorporate their personal passions into their lives in a healthy and helping way.


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My content passion is probably closer to algebra than to anything else, which is a bit odd for an elementary teacher.  Then again, I had my kindergarteners doing basic algebra problems, and they loved them.   Right now, I’m not in a classroom, but I tutor high school students in science and math.  Their parents are afraid of it, so the students have no confidence and dread each problem.  I teach my students that all types of math are fun.  Algebra is just a big puzzle, and puzzles are fun.   Even my little elementary students can be excited about it and not intimidated, if I’m excited about it and treat it like a fun game that the big kids get to play.  Then again, my kindergarteners also had a blast learning the scientific method once I had them keep lab books “like the big kids”. 

One of my professional passions is fostering a love of learning in children.  Part of that includes combating students’ beliefs that they are incapable of learning x.  I do not allow any student of mine (whether in the classroom or in a tutoring setting) to say that they cannot learn something.   If I hear that, my broken record kicks in with “just because you haven’t done something yet, doesn’t mean you can’t.”   I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to relay information in a way that makes complicated concepts easy to grasp and turns previously boring topics into topics full of wonder.   I also love to draw creativity out of students, whether it’s in writing or in ways to solve a problem.  When they start thinking outside of the box without prompting, it makes my day.

My personal passions include getting lost in a book (or two or three or four… a day.. to the detriment of my to do list) and organizing things.   My take on organizing is that same as algebra – life is just a giant puzzle that can be solved.   I also enjoy researching anything and everything.  


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My content passion is teaching students who are just learning to read and working with those that struggle with reading. The ability to decipher when the reading process breaks down and to address the student's weakness is powerful. Watching their face light up and building their fluency Definitely ignites my passion.

My professional passion is to help students and teachers build an understanding that all students can achieve. They will not achieve all processes in the same manner or at the same time. Additionally, many will be in uncharted waters, but with passion it is possible.

My personal passion is creating life long learners, working with people with disabilities and creating a loving atmosphere while doing those things. My daughter has a disability and my hope and wish is for her to have a fulfilled life through learning and experiencing.


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Content- I love learning!! Part of why I decided to become an elementary school teacher was because I couldn't pick a specific field to teach that I was interested in...I love them all! If I had to pick right now, I'd say Reading is my favorite content area because it ties into all the subjects. Reading is the gateway for learning about all types of interesting things!

Professional- I love watching students experience success and getting to praise them for it! To see the light in their eyes when they know they have achieved a new goal, are valued, etc. There's nothing like it!

Personal- I'm passionate about laying down my life to serve Jesus & that permeates all areas of my life! I also love being in nature, specifically hiking in the mountains.

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I work as an Associate Teacher and one of my content passions is teaching the "Food Chain" in middle school Science, in this lesson, when a certain animal population is destroyed, it affects natures natural course.  In my certified subject of History, I am passionate about war.  The science lesson correlates to the numerous casualties that occur as a result of war.
     My professional passion is witnessing the students' use of all inclusive learning.  As I work in various classrooms occasionally a student will use the "jot and tittle" of things learned in other classes.  When students who are proficient at their grade level, do not skip what is expected at that level, it ensures that they have adequately learned.  Then they are ready to use the skills as in the Blooms Pyramid Assessment.
     My personal passions are incorporated in the way I teach, using art.  I use visuals,  manipulatives, and some audio.  I am passionate in the way students learn, create, develop.  I again witness their passions in their responses.


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Content passion: I teach art at a middle school half a day and high school the other half. So my passion for content standards dwell in color theory. I also enjoy discovering all the different careers that are associated with the arts.

Professional: I'm very passionate about helping students think outside the box and develop creative ways of solving problems. Some lessons I leave very open ended because I'm missing re interested in how they solve the problem I've presented to them in an artistic way.

Personally: I have many passions from reading, to classic movies. I also enjoy and am very passionate about family and new adventures . Artistically I'm passionate about photography, painting, and book making, although hear lately I've began making sock creatures.

Lacey Griffith :) 
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