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Hello everyone,

As a ESL teacher, my content passions include finding pictures of things my students can relate to in English. Moreover using, TPR and technology to grasp students attention.

My professional passion, since I work at home, is to be accountable for myself no one is looking over my shoulder inspecting my work product while I work at home. It takes a lot of focus to get yourself ready just to go to a computer in your home, I think it also takes a special kind of person who enjoys solitude. 

My personal passion includes so many different things or hobbies. 

If you are interested in working at home over the Summer break click this link :
You will not regret it. 

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Content: Personal Financial Literacy/ Making Economic Choices and Citizenship

Professional: Learning and applying new concepts

Personal: Traveling to new destinations and meeting the people that live there, especially anyplace near water and/or the casino.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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Content Passion: Since I was a little kid, I have been passionate about reading and writing. That is where my strengths lie. As a child I struggled through anything involving numbers or complicated problems. I try to instill my love of reading and writing with my students. Since I am a substitute teacher, I have a little bit more leeway in getting quite creative with my students. If there is extra time I usually assign a fun writing prompt. I have several prompts I have used in the past that work really well, even for those kiddos that find writing really hard.

With that said, I do try to be enthusiastic with all the subjects.

Professional Passion: Whenever I do long term jobs, I make an effort to get to know all of my students likes, loves, and dislikes. I want to know what they are watching, what movies they have seen lately or ones they love to watch, what they are reading, and most importantly what are their favorite subjects and least favorite. This helps me understand my students a bit more and helps me be a better teacher.

On that note: I also like to add several fun questions such as favorite food, color, imaginary animal etc.

Personal Passion: When I find the time I enjoy reading, writing, and working on my photography skills. I’m currently into astro photography. 


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My content passion is reading.  Children can learn such great life lessons through the words on a page, they can travel to distant places and times, they can have their curiosity peaked to read more about a new topic, they can feel successful!  I believe that reading is a key that can unlock a limitless world.  It is also medicine and a guide.  It's a friend.  Reading can provide what nothing else can and I want my students to experience all of it's benefits.

My professional passion is encouraging my students to do their best.  I have noticed such an apathy in students.  They live in a smallish world as they come from families who can't afford to travel or pay for many "experiences".  Their parents have little education.  Sometimes, I feel that this translates to a sort of hopelessness and little desire to be their best.  I want my students to see an example of being your best when they see me and I want them to understand what that looks like for them and what it can do for them.  

My personal passion is traveling.  I love seeing life through new lenses and experiencing different cultures.  I also love listening to great music!

Erin Illian

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Content Passion: I am passionate about most of my English content standards, as long as I can teach them within the context of literature about which I am also passionate. I can even get excited about teaching grammar if I can teach it using The Jabberwocky (super-fun, by the way).

Professional Passion: I teach high school English. Let me put it another way: I provide young people with multiple windows on life, I facilitate the opportunity to live multiple lives in less than a year, and I get to ask them the most important questions: What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to be a human being sharing the world with other human beings? How can we know anything? And what can we know? And I get to follow their thinking as they struggle through this process of self-discovery through the exploration of good literature, and oftentimes see them emerge at the other end amazing rational, compassionate, social creatures. Why would I do anything else?

Personal Passion: Like Dave Burgess, I am passionate about magic and use it to teach a lot of different literary elements. It's great for teaching inference (the point of magic is to get the audience to make incorrect inferences), and I have a fun lesson on Allusion vs Illusion. I also use a lot of music, some of which I created.

Check me out here:

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Content: Although I now teach Office Administration to young adults, my certification and first teaching assignment was math.  So my content passion is the math related subjects of business math and record-keeping.  As part of my office curriculum, I have my students go on the Internet and go through the motions of making travel arrangements, shipping documents and packages, and ordering flowers (yes, we do that for our bosses or for events of other employees).  I also have students plan an agenda for a meeting (I encourage them to be creative and make up a meeting) and then submit the meeting minutes.  I enjoy working with them on these types of activities because they will have a direct relevance in their personal and business life.


  • Student success!  It’s all worth it when a student is able to see a future for themselves, when they actually get a job and I know that their life has been turned around.  They can then become an inspiration to family and friends.
  • I’m also passionate about designing curriculum.  I’ve done it on two occasions with math assignments and now have created curriculum (based on Department of Labor requirements) for my trade.  The content examples above make me realize that I can be creative – I just never thought of it that way. (Am I getting ahead of myself in my reading?)


  • My family comes first.  Our children are in their 20’s and have started their careers but live out of state.  We are so proud of them and love to spend time with them whenever possible. 
  • In my spare time I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, and knitting (just wish I had more time to indulge). 
  • Traveling to new destinations and spending time with friends who allow me to participate in their local cultures as a member and not just a tourist.

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My content passion is anything and everything in German, Germanic, or German, Austrian, or Swiss.
My professional passion is seeing students grow and mature over the course of a year while they are learning a different language and culture.
My personal passions are learning about the world, being with my dogs, and seeking peace.  One of my personal passions in the past is my content passion now. Burgess would classify me as a freak. 

Teresa Tuggle

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My content passion is children's literature. I love sharing quality stories with my class and creating activities related to what we've read.

My professional passion is watching my students blossom and grow through the school year. I teach 4 year olds, so the change is really a big one.

My personal passion is my family. I love experiencing life with them and seeing wonder and excitement in my kids' eyes.

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When it comes to my content, I am passionate about teaching reading.  Within reading, I love teaching making connections.  When students realize that they can make a connection between their new text and a former text, media, or personally, they then deepen their purpose for reading deepening their ability to be an active reader.

Professionally, I am passionate about teaching my students about having a growth mindset.  This year, I used the book “The Shark and the Goldfish” to teach them that a positive attitude goes a long way in your achieving success.  I adore watching my students take failures and turn them into challenges and goals to achieve.

In my personal life, I am very passionate about my family.  Family has unconditional and sometimes unbelievable confidence in you to overcome anything.  Also, no matter how much you mess up or feel discouraged, family is there to love and support you.  I love bringing these ideas to my classroom.  So many of my students come from “broken” homes that always immolate this.  I have been defining my classroom for over 15 years as a “learning family”.  I absolutely love that my former elementary students who now have children want me to teach their children because of this culture I build in my class each year.  


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Content: As an ELAR teacher, I strive to share my passion for reading as in finding the genre the that will make every student look forward to SSR time. As a humanities teacher, I adore teaching Westward Expansion. There's so much drama to cover!

Professional: It's difficult sometimes to step back and say, "Figure it out!" when students don't yet have self confidence, but part of my job is to help each student grow both personally and academically. Developing academic independence is my "life-changing lesson".

Personal: This one is difficult because my personal passion is cooking; however, due to district rules, no outside food can be brought in during the school day. If anyone ghastly a solution for this, I would love to hear it. There was a time when it was allowed, and I really miss that connection.

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My personal passion is reading and spending time with family.

My professional passion is designing experiences for my students that lead to new learning.

My content passion is language development.

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My content passion is human development. I think it is simply amazing the changes that we humans experience. 

My personal passion is setting a great example for my grandchildren and helping them to experience the world with a desire to learn from it.

My professional passion is to make a positive impact in my students lives. I want them to look forward to coming to my class every single day and I want them to learn something new every single day.

Shonda Hortness

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I recently changed positions within my school district (this month actually).

My newest passion is my new position.  I am the school district's "only" Digital Coach.  I am so excited about being able to share what I know about instructional technology with my school district.  I have seen the benefits of quality tech integration in the classroom and I can not wait to see it incorporated district wide.

My first professional passion was Math.  I was blessed to work with one of the "best" math teachers, Dr. Linda Faughnaugh, during my college years.  She inspired a passion within me to break down math to the students level and watch them grow.  It can be done for everyone.

My very first passion (from childhood) is Music.  I began piano during elementary and majored in music during my first years of college.  It is my serenity when everything becomes stressful (I am listening to music right now!)


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My content passion is teaching reading and writing to students with learning disabilities.  I've started working again this year (after a multi-year hiatus of not teaching) with students who are struggling with the basics of reading and writing, and I've rediscovered my love of teaching to these students.  Working with students who have to try harder than other, neurotypical, students is challenging, but seeing them learning to enjoy reading and writing is very rewarding.  I love doing read alouds and engaging the students in stories and new ideas.  We don't focus on specific grammar points with these students.  Just getting them to read and write at any level is what we focus on.  Watching kids who have struggled with reading to find a book that they can't wait to read is my goal.

My professional passion is to help students reach their full potential and to push them beyond what they think they can do.  I love maintaining an organized classroom with lots of activities and encouraging students to work hard.  A big part of what I am doing now involves giving kids the self-confidence that they are lacking from years of being discouraged.  Positive feedback and encouragement goes a long way.  We also make our classroom a safe place for all the kids no matter what their reading level is.  We want our kids to love school and learning so that they can be successful learners.

My personal passion is outdoor recreation.  Whether it's running, hiking or rock climbing, I love to be outside doing physical activity.  I carry this into the classroom by being active with my kids.  We do movement breaks and yoga poses in the classroom.  I also subbed for PE for a few months, so the kids know that I am active and able to keep up with them.  It also lets me relate better with the kids who are more athletically (instead of academically) inclined.


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  • Content: My content passion in ELAR is British Literature. I want to get my masters in it eventually, and I want to ultimately teach seniors. I grew up never liking reading until 8th-9th grade. I always wondered why my teachers never tried encouraging more. As a teacher now, I want to encourage my students to read anything and everything (age appropriate) whether that's graphic novels, manga, sagas, chapter books, etc. Reading opened up a whole new world for me and I want to pass on that passion to my students.
  • My professional passion is understanding my students. I don't want to just be the teacher only interested in the classroom. I love talking with my students. I like to know their hobbies, passions, and interests outside of the classroom. I do my best to just chat with students around the classroom whenever there's free time. I pick up on their conversations and maybe add my own comment. The students love it and are surprised when I know a lot of what they do.
  • My personal passion is family. I'm a new mom and wife. My son is turning one next month, and my husband and I are celebrating our first marriage anniversary this month. Growing up family was a huge part of my life, and now that I have my own, I want the same thing for him. I tell my students about my son a lot, and they love hearing how he's doing.

Cat Dyson
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