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No, society does not believe in a growth mindset.   I do see the fixed mindset often show up, but I also tend to see a “shrink” mindset.   Many people are labeled as smart when young and it sticks with them.    Rarely do you hear people talking about someone getting smarter, but they do talk about how a person isn’t as smart as they used to be.   The common mindset tends to be that you’re either born smart or not smart.  You can’t become any smarter than you started as, but you can lose whatever intelligence you had to begin with.    


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In general I do not believe we believe in a growth mindset.  Teachers and parents often tell children that they can do anything they put their mind to but the example they see is adults doing what they are comfortable doing.   Our society often does not like change or going out of the “comfort zone”.   As an educator I would hope that I could show a good example of excelling in tasks that may or may not be easy for me. 


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I don't think the majority of our culture believes in a growth mindset. So many people assume that our intelligence is set at birth and what we are able to achieve is only what we were born with. These people often believe in improving their sports abilities or musical abilities with practice but they never think about the human ability to improve their brains/minds with practice. As a teacher, we encourage our students to practice reading or math skills and see them grow. In my opinion, this growth obviously comes from a growth mindset.
Julie S
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