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     Getting Started
How to Use the Forum 4 1 How to use this forum
06/10/13 by Sy_Rodriguez
Forum Rules 2 1 Forum Rules
02/02/12 by katej
Meet Your Moderators 6 3 Meet Maggie
09/24 by chevelle70w
     ATPE Book Circle
Book Circle Program Requirements 19 11 games for samsung sgh m310 mo...
11/26 by fzuzrh222
Book Circle Title Suggestions 57 2 Book list for future studies....
05/12 by ljost
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way by Amanda Ripley
Begins April 18, 2014
307 15 certifiable legend
11/18 by shadiao
The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch
Begins January 17, 2014
308 11 Discussion Question #3
05/18 by texasf
The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Begins September 27, 2013
569 17 stay in this room
12/08 by biezhao
Public School Image
Topic study including the book Hello My Name is Public School and I Have an Image Problem by Milder and Braddock, related articles and media. Program dates: June 14--July 26, 2013
554 19 horns.Sacchi has chopped
12/08 by zaizhe
The Power of a Teacher by Adam Saenz
In this book study we will learn how to develop well-being, get connected with colleagues and be inspired by Dr. Saenz. Feb. 15-Mar. 29, 2013
424 12 Related resources
07/31/13 by evelynp
The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine
How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids. Nov. 2, 2012-Dec. 14, 2012
271 18 ghana forest protection plan ...
11/26 by fzuzrh111
The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn
“It’s worth asking not only whether there are good reasons to support the nearly universal practice of assigning homework, but also why that practice is so often taken for granted—even by the vast numbers of parents or teachers who are troubled by its impact on children.” May 4–June 15, 2012
598 13 Be patient and keep
11/18 by taopao
The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander by Barbara Coloroso
The bully, the bullied and the bystander are “three characters in a tragic play.” But “the scripts can be rewritten,” new roles can be created, and the plot can be changed. Jan. 6–Feb. 17, 2012
488 12 Discussion question #5
02/24/12 by sward
Brain Based Learning: The New Paradigm of Teaching by Eric P. Jensen
“Schools must open their collective doors to the simple and fundamental questions that science is now answering for us: How does the brain learn best? How do we create successful learning organizations with the brain in mind?” Sept. 19–Nov. 21, 2011
571 12 Begin reading today
07/10/13 by kwoodcock
The Trouble with Boys by Peg Tyre
“Is there something going on broadly across the population that is affecting the performance of young men in school?” Jan. 4–March 21, 2011
1107 14 hour grilling in front of 400...
11/13 by kang41
There Are No Shortcuts by Rafe Esquith
“I want to give hope to teachers who would like to run against the wind but are afraid of the consequences.” Sept. 1–Nov. 1, 2010
388 10 Course syllabus
11/30/10 by MTones
A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne
“Poverty is more about other resources than it is about money. The other resources are those that educators can influence greatly.” June 1–July 19, 2010
496 9 Discussion question #3
12/19/12 by TechNurse
The Courage to Teach by Parker J. Palmer
“This book builds on a simple premise: good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching is built on the identity and integrity of the educator.” Feb.1–April 7, 2010
288 11 CPE certificate
04/12/10 by kwoodcock
     Of Interest
Ask A Question 5 2 Book Study for June/July/augu...
06/02 by MelB
Book/resource recommendations 6 4 poverty article
08/31/12 by kwoodcock
     ATPE Teacher Support Program
ATPE Teacher Support Program
The 2013-14 ATPE Teacher Support Program book studies and discussion forums will be hosted here. Designed for teachers in their first through third years in the classroom or new to a content area or grade level, this all new ATPE program will provide resources through professional learning opportunities and online support. For more information, visit
4 1 More information...
12/10/13 by chevelle70w
TSP Book Study #1: The First Days of School
The First Days of School by Drs. Harry and Rosemary Wong will begin on September 14, 2013.
162 8 Discussion Question #6
11/15/13 by ccaske
TSP Book Study #2: Letters to a Young Teacher
Letters to a Young Teacher by Jonathan Kozol will begin December 10, 2013.
224 11 'madden nfl 25' cover vote be...
11/13 by kang41

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